Try These 2 Methods For Phone Charging Speed Test

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If you’re looking for a way to conserve battery power, or if you just want to see how fast your phone charges, check out the charging speed test. This little test can help you figure out whether your phone is charging at the right speed and whether there’s any potential issue with the outlet.

The aim of the phone charging speed test is to measure the charging speed of your device. This information can be used to determine if you have enough time to finish your work or play a game before the battery runs out.

How to Test Your Phone Charging Speed

Looking for a way to save battery life on your phone? Check out the latest phone charging speed test to find out how fast your current device is charging.


The Android Play Store offers the Ampere app for free. It is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to check how fast your smartphone charges or discharges.

After the app has been installed, you can fire it up to begin measuring the charge rate in your battery. The faster the battery charges, the higher the mA value (milliampere). This is not the actual voltage or amperage that travels through the charger’s wire. But rather the phone battery’s charge rate and discharge rate. This method cannot be used to determine the exact power coming from the charger. This method can only be used to compare relative charging performance, such as the charging speeds of different chargers for the same phone.

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A USB power meter is a fast and accurate way to determine the amount of power flowing through the wire. Our device is USB Type C so we are using the Gadget Hero’s  USB Power Meter (out-of-stock at the moment, but an alternative is Plugable USB C Power Meter). This will measure how much power the smartphone draws from the battery bank.

Simply connect the power meter to the USB cable to your smartphone or other USB-C devices. The information about the charging rate and power through the wire should be automatically displayed.

Simply multiply the voltage by the amperage to find how much power is being transmitted through the wire. This is 6.68 Volts * 1.06 amps = 7.08 Watts

This method has the advantage that the battery being charged doesn’t matter as much, since the power is pulled from the wire. Some power meters also have the ability to measure power flowing through them over time. This allows for interesting charging testing of your phone, such as finding the maximum capacity of a battery in a power bank.

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These are two simple ways to check the charging speed of an Android device or another USB device. For more precise measurements, advanced electricians can use a multimeter to tap into the USB cable or splice another USB cable.

Which are your favourite methods to find out the charging speed of your device? Comment below to let us know your favorite methods of finding out how fast your device can charge.


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