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Whatsapp Last Seen Tracker
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In the year 2024, the demand for WhatsApp last seen trackers is expected to increase even further. People want to have more control over their online presence and be able to keep track of their contacts’ activity. However, it is important to be cautious when using these trackers, as not all of them are reliable or truly free. In this article, we will explore the world of WhatsApp last seen trackers and discuss the potential risks and benefits of using them.

WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker: Unveiling the Basics

It is important to have a clear understanding of the basics before diving into the specifics of tracking WhatsApp’s last seen status. Let’s begin with the fundamentals.

What Is a WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker?

A WhatsApp last seen tracker is a tool or app that lets you keep an eye on the online activity of WhatsApp users. This feature displays the date and time of a user’s most recent login activity on the platform.

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How Does It Work?

WhatsApp last seen trackers use the online status feature of WhatsApp to show the user’s last activity time. These trackers collect and display information in a user-friendly way, helping you stay updated on your contacts.

Is It Legal and Ethical?

Before we continue, let’s discuss the legality and ethics of using WhatsApp’s last seen trackers. Tracking your own account is usually fine, but monitoring someone else’s activity without their permission can be ethically questionable and may even break privacy laws in certain areas. It is important to always show respect for privacy and get consent when it is needed.

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Best WhatsApp Online Tracker App for Online Notification and Last Seen

You can check when your contacts were active on WhatsApp. A WhatsApp last seen tracker is a tool that monitors a WhatsApp account’s activity. There are many options available to find the best WhatsApp last seen tracker online for free. Here is the 7 most effective WhatsApp last-seen online trackers currently available.

  • Wastat
  • Chat Track Online Tracker
  • WhatsTracker
  • ChatWatch
  • Last Seen
  • Whatster Screen Time Tracker
  • WaLogger Online Tracker


WaStat WhatsApp Tracker is a WhatsApp online tracker that provides online notifications and monitors last seen. It is compatible with the Android operating system and is user-friendly. Download the app from the Play Store and click on the top right corner of the screen to add the person’s name to the track.

You receive a notification when someone comes online on WhatsApp. The time intervals are shown in a clock view. Customer support is there to assist you in tracking WhatsApp online status quickly. The app has recently included offline notifications and support animation.



  • Display the online status information.
  • Notifications will be sent as soon as the person goes online.
  • The device has the ability to monitor up to 10 contacts at the same time.
  • Time intervals are displayed conveniently in a clock view.
  • We can assist with collecting and analyzing online statistics for the past 30 days.

Chat Track Online Tracker

Chat Track Online Tracker is a free app in the productivity category. It is a WhatsApp online tracker that provides instant notification for last-seen activity. It is particularly useful for parental monitoring. The notifications are detailed and provide coverage 24/7.

To track “last seen” on Chat Track, simply tap on the + icon at the top of the page and enter the desired target number. Then, set the tracking period and await notifications.

Chat Track Online Tracker


  • Check last seen status
  • A comprehensive analysis of the amount of time children and employees are spending online.
  • Online and offline notifications

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WhatsTracker is a popular tool for tracking the last seen status on WhatsApp. This tool can track the last seen status of up to 3 WhatsApp accounts. Once your account is active, WhatsTracker will send you a notification. You can easily review time stamps and access graphs that analyse the activity of each account on your dashboard. By doing this, you can better understand how much time users spend on WhatsApp. This online last-seen tracker has become very popular for this reason. However, there are times when the app stops functioning. Many users have reported incorrect tracking data, like inaccurate online statuses.



  • Tracks last seen status on up to 3 WhatsApp accounts.
  • Sends notifications when your account is active.
  • Provides time stamps and activity graphs for analysis.
  • Helps users understand WhatsApp usage patterns.
  • May experience occasional issues with accuracy and functionality.

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ChatWatch is a fantastic tool for tracking the last seen status on WhatsApp. This app allows you to easily monitor the WhatsApp data of any account you want to track on your Android device. You can determine the user’s activity and app loading frequency. ChatWatch is interesting because it uses Artificial Intelligence to make predictions. It compares the activity of two numbers to predict if they are texting each other. You can use this app for free during its 3-day trial.



  • Tracks WhatsApp last seen status
  • Monitors WhatsApp data on Android devices
  • Measures user’s activity and app loading frequency
  • Utilizes Artificial Intelligence for predictive analysis
  • Offers a 3-day free trial period

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 Last Seen

Last Seen is a free WhatsApp online tracker that you can use on your Android device or browser. This app helps you track the online activity of any user, like your family members. The tool can also save and store their status updates for future reference. Last Seen is a great tool for tracking the online activity of any number. After setting up, this tool will send you notifications when the user is active on WhatsApp.

Last Seen


  • Free online WhatsApp last seen tracker
  • Compatible with Android devices and web browsers
  • Tracks the online activity of any WhatsApp user, including family members
  • Stores and saves status updates for future reference
  • Sends notifications when the tracked user is active on WhatsApp

Whatster Screen Time Tracker

Whatster Screen Time Tracker is a productivity app that helps you track your screen time. This tool can monitor online activities and notifications at the same time. Users receive immediate push notifications when they exceed the permitted time for using WhatsApp. Whatster works on platforms other than just WhatsApp. It monitors various social media platforms and messaging apps. You have the option to add up to 10 profiles at the same time.

Whatster Screen Time Tracker


  • Screen Time Tracking
  • Multi-App Support
  • Push Notifications
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Multiple Profiles

WaLogger Online Tracker

Walogger is a WhatsApp activity tracker that helps parents monitor their child’s WhatsApp usage. It provides comprehensive tracking features for easy monitoring. WaLogger is a user-friendly tool that offers advanced features to help users understand their WhatsApp activity better. By using WaLogger, users can gain valuable insights into their messaging habits and patterns.

WaLogger – Online is a powerful tool that allows you to track your chat statistics, monitor your contacts, and enhance your privacy settings on WhatsApp. Take control of your WhatsApp experience with this handy tool.

WaLogger Online Tracker


  • Instant notifications
  • Daily and weekly reports
  • Easy-to-understand visuals

Final Thoughts:

In this guide, we have discussed WhatsApp last seen trackers and provide recommendations to help you monitor online activity responsibly. Please remember to use these tools responsibly and consider privacy and ethical concerns. Using WhatsApp’s last-seen trackers can be helpful for improving your communication experience while also respecting privacy boundaries.


How often does WhatsApp update the last seen status?

WhatsApp updates a user’s last seen status whenever they use the app. The outcome may differ based on personal preferences.

Is it possible to monitor someone’s online status without their knowledge?

No, WhatsApp does not have a feature to track someone’s online status without their knowledge. It is important to obtain proper consent when using third-party trackers.

Are there risks when using WhatsApp online trackers?

Using third-party trackers can put your personal data at risk. It is important to always select reliable and safe tracking solutions.

Can these trackers be used for WhatsApp Business accounts?

WhatsApp online trackers are typically made for personal accounts, so their effectiveness may differ when used with business accounts.

Is it possible to monitor someone’s online status on WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp Web shows the online status of users. However, there are some limitations when using trackers on the web version compared to mobile apps.

Are there any laws against using WhatsApp last-seen trackers?

Online tracking laws differ depending on the jurisdiction. It is important to conduct research and gain a clear understanding of the legal consequences in your specific location

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