How to Download Videos from Facebook to Your Device

Download Videos from Facebook
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Facebook is a platform of billions of users. Netizens love this platform due to several reasons. However, what makes it better than any other social media network is its variety of content. 

Users find every type of content on Facebook. No matter what their interests, beliefs, culture, and preferences are, they can easily find engaging and captivating content on this network. Moreover, they find the content in different forms (videos, audio, images, and text), as Facebook allows users to post content in any form they like.

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However, videos are the most watched, liked, and shared content on this platform. 

People love watching videos on Facebook. And many also want to download them to their devices. But that’s where Facebook lacks. It doesn’t let users download videos directly from the site or app. That’s why users must depend on third-party websites, apps, and tools to download Facebook videos.

If you are a Facebook user and want to learn how to easily download videos from Facebook, this article is written for you. So, let’s discover the different ways of downloading Facebook videos.

How to Download Videos from Facebook?

There are mainly four different ways to download Facebook videos and stories. All of them are very helpful to users. Here they are:

  1. Use Web-Based Facebook Video Downloader

Here is the best way to download videos and stories from Facebook. If you don’t want to install any application, software programs, or additional tool for saving Facebook videos to your device, using a web-based Facebook video downloader online is the best option you have.

Multiple web-based Facebook story downloader and Facebook video downloader tools are available online. Most of them are very efficient and reliable in their work. In addition, they allow users to quickly download Facebook videos without anyone’s help.

Most Fb video downloader web-based tools are easy to use for everyone. No one needs to learn the whole process of downloading. Instead, the moment they land on the right webpage, they quickly realize how to download videos.

Apart from that, these web-based solutions are helpful to all types of internet users. It doesn’t matter whether they use mobile devices, desktops, or tabs. Moreover, they are also responsive to all web browsers and operating systems. Due to this ability, most Facebook users prefer downloading videos from web-based tools instead of any other solution. And lastly, they also allow users to select their preferred video quality.

  1. Use Video Downloading Mobile Applications

Those who use mobile phones to watch Facebook content can try mobile applications for downloading videos from Facebook. Both Play Store and App Store have a lot of applications that assist users in downloading video content from almost all social media networks, especially Facebook.

If you want to download videos from Facebook, install any of the applications you like the most. If you don’t find any Play Store or App Store application useful, you can also download the APK file of the application you want from your web browser. 

However, it doesn’t matter where you have downloaded the application; it can help you save video content from various social media and video-sharing platforms.

Like web-based tools, Facebook video downloader apps are also easy to use. Most of these apps are developed keeping mobile users in mind. So, their interface is very user-friendly, which makes the video downloading process very smooth.

However, there is a massive problem with mobile applications. As you know, they are useless for desktop users until they install emulators on their devices. That’s why if you also want to download videos to your desktop devices, you must prefer another option. In short, these applications are only for mobile users and worthless for desktop users.

  1. Use Browser Extensions

Browser extensions can also help you download your favorite videos from Facebook. These browser extensions are very lightweight and don’t slow down your devices. Moreover, downloading videos using these extensions is much easier than using mobile applications. 

If you visit Facebook on a desktop, using a browser extension could be the best solution for you. In that case, you don’t need to open any extra applications or websites to download the video. Instead, you only need to copy the video URL from the address bar, paste it into the extension, and initiate the downloading process. That’s how simple it is.

However, there are a few limitations of these extensions as well. First, not all extensions are as helpful as the developers claim. Sometimes, they don’t let you download the videos you want. Moreover, using extensions could be the worst option if you are a mobile user.

And lastly, if you don’t use Google Chrome or other famous web browsers, you may not find a good extension for downloading Facebook videos, as most companies only develop extensions for major web browsers.

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  1. Use Video Downloader Software

Video downloader software programs are the best for downloading videos from the internet. Plenty of software programs allow users to download videos and other forms of content from the internet. These software programs are undoubtedly the best if we talk about user-friendliness or ease of downloading videos.

To download videos using these programs, users don’t need to locate, copy, and paste the video link. Instead, they only need to click on the download option that appears when users play videos on their devices. After that, they ask users about the video quality they need, and the moment they select the quality, the downloading process starts immediately.

However, these programs also have a problem. Not all video downloader software programs are free to use. Although users may get their trial version for a limited time, after that, they have to get their subscription.

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In contrast to mobile applications, these programs are useless for mobile and tab users. Most of the video downloading software programs are only developed for desktop users. So, if anyone uses Facebook on their mobile devices, these programs cannot help them in any way.


There are four different ways to download videos from Facebook. This article has mentioned all of them. Moreover, it has also enlightened you about their benefits and limitations. Now it depends on your needs and devices which is the best option you have.

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