How to Check Airtel Data Balance via SMS, USSD Code or Airtel Thanks App 

Check Airtel Data Balance
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Hey there, Airtel users! Has this thought ever struck you, “Hmm, how much data have I used today?” or “What’s the remaining balance of my Airtel data package?” Well, you’re not alone! Keeping track of how much data you’ve consumed is just as important as keeping an eye on your battery life. It ensures you’re not caught off guard with depleted data when you need it the most. 

As a customer-centric telecom giant, Airtel provides easy ways to monitor your data usage. And that’s what we’re going to explore today how to check airtel data balance? 

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to check your Airtel net balance like a pro, whether through USSD codes, via SMS, or using the Airtel app. Let’s dive in!

Checking Airtel Data Balance: The USSD Method 

When it comes to keeping track of your Airtel data balance, you can rely on the good old Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) method. It’s quick, it’s efficient, and it’s simple too. Here’s the step-by-step guide to use the USSD method. 

  • Step 1: On your Airtel mobile device, dial the USSD code *121#. This code will open up the Airtel services menu.
  • Step 2: After you dial the code, you’ll see a list of options. Look for the option that says ‘Data Balance’. This is usually under the ‘Account Info’ section.
  • Step 3: Upon finding the ‘Data Balance’ option, select it. A new screen will pop up, showing your current Airtel data balance.

Note: The USSD method is a tried-and-true method, but remember, it only works if you have a working Airtel SIM and sufficient network coverage.

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Alternative USSD Codes for Airtel Net Balance Check 

In case the standard USSD code doesn’t work, don’t fret! Airtel has alternative codes that you can use. Have a look at the table below for the alternative USSD codes: 

Alternative USSD CodeFunction
*121*2#Check data balance
*121*51#Check data balance and validity
Check BalanceUSSD Code
Airtel main balance and due date*123#
Airtel number*282#
Airtel offers*121#
Airtel Missed call alert service activation*888#
Airtel Unlimited Packs1211#
Airtel voice or roaming packs*222#
Airtel Postpaid Current Bill PlanSMS “BP” To 121
Airtel Postpaid Due/Pending AmountSMS “OT” To 121
Airtel Postpaid Bill PaymentSMS “PMT” To 121
Airtel Postpaid Current Plan UsageSMS “UNB” To 121
Airtel data balance for 2G owners1219#
Airtel SMS Pack DetailDial 1218# then Type 8

Checking Airtel Data Balance Via Airtel Thanks App 

  • Download and open the Airtel Thanks App on your device.
  • Log in using your Airtel number.
  • Your data balance will be displayed on the home screen.

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Checking Airtel Data Balance Through Airtel Website 

  • Visit the Airtel website.
  • Log in using your Airtel number.
  • Your data balance will be displayed on your account dashboard.

Checking Airtel Data Balance Using Airtel Self-Care Service 

Last but certainly not least, there’s the Airtel Self Care Service, a website that lets you manage all things Airtel. All you have to do is log in using your Airtel number. Here, you can check your data balance and also tweak other services to your liking. Convenient, isn’t it? 

You also have the option of checking your data balance via SMS. Simply send an SMS with the text “BAL” to 121 and you’ll receive an SMS with the information you need. 

Staying connected in our digital world is a must. So, don’t let your data run out unexpectedly. Keep track of your Airtel data balance with these easy methods and surf on!

Are you an Airtel user who’s always on the go, constantly surfing the net, sharing photos, or streaming your favorite music? Then knowing how to check your Airtel data balance is essential. This article breaks down the various methods you can use to keep track of your data usage. 

Airtel 4G Dongle Balance Check

Follow these steps to check your Airtel 4G dongle balance: 

  • Connect your dongle to your laptop and turn it on.
  • Type in your browser to access the dongle’s IP address.
  • Log in using ‘admin’ as the default password.
  • Go to the Information section and select ‘Data Usage to view remaining balance, validity, and pack name.

Checking Airtel Main Balance

  • Use Airtel Thanks app to check your balance. Here’s how:
  • Download and install the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
  • Login with your Airtel number and OTP. Your balance will be displayed on the home screen.
  • Alternatively, dial *123# to check your balance.

Checking Airtel SMS Balance

Install Airtel Thanks app and view your SMS balance on the home screen, or dial *121*7# to check your balance. 

Airtel 4G Data Speed Check

Download an internet speed test app to check your Airtel internet speed. Apps like Ookla Speedtest can be used for this purpose.


You can check your Airtel data balance via several methods such as USSD codes, My Airtel app, SMS, online, or customer care. Keeping an eye on your data balance helps manage usage effectively. 


Q1. Can I check data balance without internet? 

Sure, send an SMS with “BAL” to 121 to get your data balance. 

Q2. Is there a fee to check data balance? 

No, it’s free. But standard SMS charges may apply if you check via SMS. 

Q3. Is My Airtel app compatible with all devices? 

Yes, My Airtel app is available for Android and iOS users on their respective app stores. 

Q4. Can I check data balance while roaming? 

Yes, the same methods can be used to check data balance at home and while roaming. 

Q5. What if I encounter problems while checking my data balance? 

For any issues, contact Airtel’s customer care by dialing 121 from your Airtel number.

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