Try These 3 Easy Ways To See Locked Profile On Facebook

see locked profile on Facebook

see locked profile on Facebook

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Humans are curious creatures. This is why we often want to see Locked Profile On Facebook. Is that possible? Well ! You bet it is, and we’ll show you in this article.

Are you interested in seeing someone’s see locked FB profile picture as well? What if someone has blocked your profile? Many people lock their Facebook profiles. If you receive a message or friend request from a locked profile, it isn’t clear whether it should be accepted or rejected. You can Also Check other Facebook Tricks.

Why are people locking their Facebook profiles?

Many people secretly log into Facebook. Facebook introduced the Locked Profile feature to protect users from these people. It’s great because if you create a locked profile on Facebook, only your friends can see your photo. This feature has one advantage: no other person can view your posts or any other information. You cannot also take a screenshot from your locked profile. It is okay to be concerned about your privacy. However, you will have to be careful when you receive friend requests from locked profiles. Accepting the request can be difficult because you cannot see the profile.

How To See Locked Profile On FB

These tips and tricks make it easy to view locked Facebook profiles.

1. View Locked FB Profile using Phone Browser

You can view the profile photo of locked FB accounts using the basic Facebook mobile browsing. These steps will allow you to view the profile picture of a locked Facebook account.

1. Open the app for your smartphone and sign into your Facebook account.

2. Next, search in the searchbar for the locked profile whose profile photo you want to view.

3. Tap on the address bar and append “mbasic” to the end of the ‘Facebook keyword. Search it. This will allow you to view the Facebook profile locked in the basic mode of your device. replace this code into

4. Long-press the profile photo now, and then tap on the Download Image option for the locked profile image to be downloaded to your device.

That’s it. Now you can view the profile picture from the Facebook account locked in your gallery app on your phone.

2. View Locked Facebook Profile Using Online Tool

There are many online sites that claim to display profiles pictures from locked Facebook accounts. However, one online tool does exactly what it claims. This tool allows you to quickly copy the Facebook profile link into its search bar and view the full-size profile picture for a locked account. This is how it works.

1. Copy the profile URL to the target Facebook account locked to view its profile photo.

2. Next, go to the Online Profile Viewer Tool Paste the copied profile link into the search bar

3. Next, select any method and verify your identity. After bot verification is successful, click the Get Profile Photo button to view the profile photo of your locked Facebook account.

4. If Method A fails to display the profile picture correctly, you can switch to another method and continue the above steps to view the locked profile image.

3. Add a Locked Profile person as a friend

Another Simple way to see photos and other updates on the locked Facebook account is to connect with friends and add them to your friends list. After you have been accepted, you may be able view the target Facebook user’s photo in which his friend might also have tagged him.

This means that you can view the shared photos from the locked profile account to the friend you just added to your Facebook page.

Conclusion: We hope the above described method will work for your query how to See Locked Profile On Facebook. So For the most recent review videos and tech news, Follow  to Talk2india on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube channel.