Finally! WhatsApp Confirms Release of Edit Message Feature | Check Details

Edit Message on whatsapp
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WhatsApp has not yet announced the official name of its new feature, but a video has been released indicating that users will soon have the ability to edit their messages.

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  • WhatsApp has announced the upcoming addition of an Edit Message feature.
  • The feature has been announced by the company on Twitter.
  • It is expected that WhatsApp will release the latest update for users of both Android and iOS.

WhatsApp will be releasing a new update soon. The platform has announced that the Edit Message feature will be available for all users. Although the exact name of the feature hasn’t been confirmed, a video has been posted showing that users will be able to edit their messages. This update comes after the platform released the ability to lock personal chats on Android and iOS.

The Edit button is now being gradually released to all WhatsApp users and will become available to everyone in the near future.

The official video does not disclose the details of the edit message option, but according to WABetaInfo, the feature is available in the beta versions of the app. Users are allotted only 15 minutes to edit a message, after which no changes can be made.

The purpose of the feature is to prevent sending the wrong message and avoid embarrassment. Auto-corrected messages due to mobile keyboards can change the message’s meaning. WhatsApp already has a delete message option, but it requires retyping the message. The latest update will allow message correction and save time. Here are the details of the new WhatsApp update.

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How to edit a message on WhatsApp. Quick Guide

The beta version of WhatsApp allows users a 15-minute window after sending a message in which they can undo or edit it. To edit a message, long-press on the desired message and select “Edit Message.” A new window will open, allowing you the opportunity update the message.

Do you know when the Edit Message feature will be available on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has announced the upcoming release of the Edit Message feature on their platform. The exact date of availability has not been disclosed, but the company has teased that it will be soon.

The edit button is currently available in the beta versions of Android and iOS, and WhatsApp has hinted at a release in the near future. Stay updated on the latest developments through India Today Tech.

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