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Read this review till the end to get the most accurate information about the best smartwatches under 3000 in India

There are many products available in the market in this price range but if you start searching for the actual products then the list becomes smaller. Although it is low, it can confuse real consumers. So to solve this problem, we took the best smartwatches under 3000 available in India and used them to find which one you should go to meet your needs. .

How Did We Prepare This List of The Best Smartwatches Under 3000 in India?

There are actually a ton of smartwatches in the market but if you dig deep, you will come to know that they are not real. To find the best smartwatches, we built features like connectivity, software, tested them and made the list of the best smartwatch under 3000 in India. We tested almost every smartwatch under the price of 3000 and researched it well to give you the best. We have noticed that your smartwatch has some essential features that your fitness tracker also needs nowadays.

You will need a good touchscreen display, comfortable straps, water resistant body, step tracker as well as sleep tracker to manage your fitness and access the smartwatch comfortably. In addition, your Smartwatch should give you a good battery backup to read information, be durable and fulfill your purpose of purchasing it. Keeping all this in mind, we have thoroughly researched and compiled this list of the best Smart Watches under 3000.

After finding the best ones, we have listed them here. So, make sure that you have read carefully because now we are going to describe each one with their pros and cons

9 Best Smartwatches Under 3000 in India

Huami Amazfit Bip Light
Gionee Smartwatch
NoiseFit Endure Smartwatch
Realme Fashion Watch
Gizmore Smartwatch
Noise Colorfit Pro 2
PLAYFIT Smartwatch
Lenovo carme
Aqfit Smartwatch

Huami Amazfit Bip Lite

Amazfit Bip Lite

Huami Amazfit Bip Lite is best budget smartwatch in india comes under 3000.Amazfit is a strong choice in the list of the best smartwatches under the Bip S Lite 3000 as this 1.28-inch reflective is always on display with the protection of on-corning gorilla glass. It is notable for its battery life lasting up to 30 days. On a single charge. The smartwatch is water resistant to a depth of 50 Meters.


  • Outstanding Battery life with 30 Days on a single charge
  • 28 Transflective Color Always-On Display
  • 2 Built-In Editable Dials and more than 150 Watch Faces to Download
  • 5 ATM Water Resistance
  • Continuous Heart Rate & Sleep Monitoring
  • Huami-PAI Health Assessment System
  • Music Control and Sedentary Reminders.


  1. The Amazfit Bip S Lite smartwatch comes with polycarbonate material and the straps are made of simple yet comfortable silicone material; These straps can be easily replaced as they come with a spring mechanism.
  2. T0he screen is 1.28 inches which is always on and bright enough in direct sunlight, thanks to its reflective display and Corning Gorilla 3 Glass.
  3. This smartwatch is synced with the “Amazfit” application on the Play Store / iOS App Store to record and keep all data. The smartwatch also has more than 150 types of watch faces.
  4. The smartwatch supports all the generic features you expect to be excluded from our list of the best smartwatches for men under 3000, such as continuous heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, notifications. Alert and 8 physical activities.
  5. The main feature that makes it distinctive on our list is battery life. This smartwatch provides a 30-day battery backup on a single charge, which is more than enough. Charging can be done through the charging dock which is provided in the box.
  6. The smartwatch is 5 ATM water-resistant.


  1. The smartwatch does not have any major missing features.

Gionee Smartwatch

Gionee Smart Life Smartwatch

Gionee *** 1.3 PS IPS comes with full touch color display which produces rich colors and pleases the eyes. With a grade 316L stainless steel dial, the Gionee 3000 has one of the most durable and premium looking watches on its list of the best smartwatches under 3000.


  • Stainless steel dial
  • IPS full touch display
  • Gorilla Glass 3 protection
  • Auto brightness
  • Music Control
  • 210mAh battery
  • 5ATM water resistant


  1. The Gionee features a 2.5D Curved Corning Glass 3 Protected Display with a stainless steel dial that testifies to the long-term retention of this smartwatch. The IPS color display looks crisp and clear and is readable even under sunlight.
  2. Gionee has a 24-hour heart rate monitor tracker that gives accurate results through the day. You also get a calorie meter, sleep monitor, step count, sports and activity tracker. You can track activities like cycling, trekking, running and sports on a sports tracker. To ensure a complete workout, Gionee provides complete information about the progress of your day which can help you track your fitness routine correctly.
  3. The Gionee is one of the best smartwatches to buy for under 3000 as it is loaded with a lot of features. You receive sedentary alerts that will alert you if you remain idle for a long time, thus increasing awareness and circulation.
  4. Gionee has other utilities like stopwatch, power-saving mode, alarm clock, music control, auto-brightness, flashlight light and find my phone. Gionee does most of the utility work for which you need your phone. Control the music, use a flashlight and stopwatch without ejecting your phone with this smartwatch. It also comes with an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts brightness as needed.
  5. You can read WhatsApp, Facebook and text messages. On Gionee you also get call notifications for auto-reject calls with a special feature. You will not have to access your phone for every other notification alert, which will also reduce the time on screen which will help you to reduce the fatigue of the day.
  6. When connected to your phone, Gionee uses your phone’s GPS signal to find out where it is helping to locate your lost phone. All these features make Gionee an indispensable asset with your smartphone.
  7. The Gionee comes with 5ATM water-resistance which will help you swim while wearing your smartwatch. You can keep track of time, stopwatches and your notifications even while swimming.
  8. The battery capacity of Gionee is 210mAh which keeps it on full charge for 15 days which is impressive considering the features of this smartwatch. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge this device.
  9. Gionee can be connected to your smartphone and you can monitor its activities after downloading the GBuddy app on Android and iOS which has a very user friendly interface, making it easy to access all its features.
  10. Packed with an array of features, the Gionee is definitely a great choice to buy from the list of best smartwatches under 3000. It comes with a 1-year warranty to top it all.


  1. There are no cons for this product.

NoiseFit Endure Smartwatch

NoiseFit Endure Smart Watch

The NoiseFit Endure Sports Smartwatch comes with a round analog watch type dial. The smartwatch supports Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and lasts up to 20 days on a single charge. The watch features a leather-silicone fused strap. It comes with IP68 dust and waterproof rating.


  • Full-touch, Full-colour 1.28 inch
  • Compatible with Android 5.0+ and iOS 8+
  • Expand functionality with Da Fit app
  • Up to 20 days of battery life; 30 days on standby
  • Leather-Silicone fused strap
  • 9 sports modes IP68 dust and waterproof
  • Smart notifications and weather updates
  • Music & camera control


  1. The NoiseFit Endure Sport smartwatch has probably been given the best look in our list of the best smartwatches under 3000. The design line is derived from the traditional analog clock but with a full touch screen.
  2. The straps come in a variety of options and the screen has a metallic finish that is truly premium plastic. The strap comes with a spring mechanism for easy strap replacement.
  3. The smartwatch supports all common activities such as continuous heart rate monitoring, step count, reading notifications, and tracker for 9 different physical activities.
  4. You can control music and camera through a dedicated button. Additionally, SpO2 can also be easily measured.
  5. You can access a humble collection of watch faces through the application – “Da Fit App”.
  6. The smartwatch comes with a charging dock that gives about 20 days of battery backup at default settings on full charge.
  7. The NoiseFit Endure Sport Smartwatch is IP68 Dust & Waterproof and comes with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.


  1. The additional feature of GPS has made it the best in this segment.

Realme Fashion Watch

Realme Watch

The Realme Fashion watch comes with a large 1.4-inch display with a metallic finish. This smartwatch supports real heart rate monitoring, SpO2 and Smart Connect. This watch gives a battery life of 9 days and supports 14 types of physical activity. The smartwatch comes with IP68 certification. Realme is one of the providing superb smartwatch in india under 3000. 


  • 5 cm (1.4 inches) Large Color Touch Screen
  • Real-Time Heart Rate Monitor
  • Blood Oxygen Level Monitor (SpO2)
  • Intelligent Activity Tracker (14 Sports Modes)
  • Smart Notifications
  • Up to 9 Day Battery Life
  • Smart Connect – Control Your Phone Camera and Music from Your Watch
  • IP68 Water-Resistant


  1. The Realme Smartwatch comes with a premium finish and comes with a spring mechanism for strap replacement. The body is thin and comes with a metallic finish which is plastic.
  2. The Realme smartwatch comes with a good 1.4-inch screen. The screen has a dedicated home button which acts as a multi-function button. The screen enables swiping left, right, up and down to access various options.
  3. There are a variety of options for watch faces, which come by default within the smartwatch itself. The smartwatch can be synced with the “Realme Link” application to track all exercise data.
  4. The smartwatch supports all common types of functions such as heart rate monitor, notification alert, sedentary alert, water reminder and sleep monitoring.
  5. Some unique features are camera control, music control and SpO2 measurement. These facilities come with tracking 14 types of physical activity. GPS from mobile is used to track more accurate data.
  6. The smartwatch has a 160 mAh battery that will give you 7-10 days of battery life on moderate usage. The smartwatch can be charged with the magnetic dock provided with the smartwatch.
  7. The smartwatch is water resistant and comes with IP68 certification.


  • There are no cons for this product.

Gizmore Smartwatch

Gizmore Active GIZFIT Smart Watch

Gizmore is an economical choice in the list of the best Android smartwatches under 3000 as it is the cheapest watch on this list. Although inexpensive, the Gizmore is loaded with features and the watch has an IP67 waterproof rating that protects the watch from damage due to rain and splatter and you can swim worry-free while wearing this smartwatch.


  • Full colour IPS display
  • Calorie tracker
  • Dynamic HR sensor
  • Anti-Lost feature
  • 180mAh battery


  • The Gizmore has a 1.2 PS IPS display that produces vivid colors with a great mix of contrast. The full-color display has a 240 ppi resolution that provides crisp and clear images and a wide viewing angle. Overall, Gizmore’s performance is an enjoyable one to watch.
  • The Gizmore has a 26 cm silicone strap that can fit all wrist sizes. With a lot of holes on the strap, anyone can wear it comfortably. You also get an extra strap with the package which is a great addition as the silicone straps get damaged over time.
  • Gizmore provides a calorie tracker, step tracker, heart monitor, blood oxygen level monitor along with sports and fitness tracker. The sleep tracker and heart rate monitor on this device are very accurate, although the step tracker is sometimes incorrect. Just download the FLAG FIT 2.0 app on iOS or Android and start tracking your fitness progress using Gizmore.
  • The Gizmore comes with an HR sensor that helps wake it up when you move your wrist. You can also click a picture to shake your wrist which is useful when taking group photos. Answer the call with the movement of your wrist and reject the call by shaking twice in quick succession using this smartwatch. This special feature makes Gizmore one of the best smartwatches under 3000 in India.
  • You can read Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, text messaging and other notifications via Gizmore. Along with this, Gizmore also has a special anti-lost feature that helps you track your smartphone. When you are not getting your phone at home, you need not panic as it will help you in finding your smartwatch.
  • The Gizmore comes with a nice 180mAh battery that can last up to 10 days on moderate usage. You get 3 different user interfaces to switch between.
  • You get a 1-year manufacturing warranty, which makes Gizmore a great choice if you want an affordable smartwatch that is worth the money.


The Gizmore weighs 85g and can feel a bit heavy while wearing it all day. If you are used to wearing a normal watch, it won’t affect you much, although the other options on this list are much lighter than this.

Noise Colorfit Pro 2

Noise Colorfit Pro 2

The Noise Colorfit Pro 2 * Go is a lightweight, stylish smartwatch from Shore with a polycarbonate body and comes in 4 trendy colors. Noise Colorfit Pro is an upgrade from Noise Colorfit Pro with many exciting features including detachable straps, comfortable watch face and IP68 waterproof rating making it one of the best 4g smartwatch under 3000.

If it meets your expectations, then you can do an in-depth review of our Noise ColorFit Pro to find out.


  • Multi-touch IPS display
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Tracks menstrual cycle
  • Detachable strap
  • 210mAh battery
  • Music control


  • The Shore Colorfit Pro comes with a multi-touch 1.3 display IPS display that produces bright and distinctive colors. Text can be read on this smartwatch even in bright outdoor conditions. Touch is quite smooth at this price, although it becomes unresponsive 1 out of 10 times. You can manually adjust the brightness on the display, although no ambient light sensor is present.
  • Noise Colorfit Pro comes with 5 different watch faces for the new look that match your style everyday. They are nothing extraordinary, but look decent and have 5 options to change the watch face is a good offer.
  • The Shore Colorfit Pro comes with lightweight and comfortable silicone straps that are detachable so you can buy different straps and make them feel different. Silicone straps are comfortable and do not sweat during exercise, so Noise Colorfit Pro is a good smartwatch for fitness lovers.
  • The Shore Colorfit Pro has a polycarbonate body that resists damage from accidental drops which increases the durability of the device.
  • Shore Colorfit Pro offers a lot of health and fitness tracking features. You get sleep tracker, heart rate monitor and step tracker. There was a slight error in the step tracking and heart rate monitor, but overall you will be satisfied with the approximate approximation and you will have a good idea of ​​your steps throughout the day.
  • Noise Colorfit Pro has a sports and fitness tracker that can monitor a large number of physical activities such as running, climbing, cycling, hiking and trekking. You need to download the Noise Fit Pro 2 app on your Android or iOS device and start tracking your daily activities such as calories burned, distance traveled and a special feature to predict menstrual cycle in women. Is moderately accurate.
  • Noise Colorfit Pro has Bluetooth 5.0 which helps you connect it quickly to your smartphone. It allows you to read smartphone notifications, accept or reject calls, set an alarm that vibrates the smartwatch on your wrist and control your music playback without ejecting your smartphone.
  • On regular usage, you get a great battery backup of 10 days from a 210mAh battery on a full charge. This smartwatch takes about 3 hours to fully charge which is a decent charge time given the battery backup.
  • Shore Colorfit Pro comes with a 1-year warranty for any manufacturing defects


  • The display on Noise ColorFit Pro comes without the protection of Gorilla Glass and attracts fingerprints and smoothies when your hands are sweaty. You can wipe your sweaty hands to use comfortably while exercising.

PLAYFIT Smartwatch


The PLAYFIT SW75 comes with a 1.3 inch touchscreen display with Corning Gorilla Glass Protection. The smartwatch shows all the features that you can expect a smartwatch at this price. It supports 14 different types of physical activities and comes with a water resistance of 50 meters.


  • Up to 45 Days of standby Battery on Single Charge
  • 3 Full Touchscreen Display with 2.5D Corning Glass
  • ATM5, waterproof up to a swimming pool depth of 50m
  • Unique PLAYFIT application
  • Notifications alert
  • MultiSports Tracking
  • 24hrs Monitoring


  • The PLAYFIT SW75 comes with a premium finish as it has Corning Gorilla Glass Protection with a color display. There are two dedicated buttons for multiple functionalities.
  • The smartwatch comes with a dual-color shade that is made of stainless steel chassis and the strap quality is good as it is made of soft silicone. The company making this smartwatch is Delhi based.
  • The smartwatch supports customizable clock faces that come with the smartwatch by default. More watch faces can be accessed through the “Watch Fit” application.
  • You can watch all kinds of common tasks like watching twists, step count, calorie count, heart rate sensor, sleep monitoring and support for 14 types of physical activity.
  • In addition, women can easily track menstruation and ovulation cycles which are an additional benefit of this smartwatch.
  • A separate charging dock is provided with the package. Once charged, the PlayFit SW75 smartwatch will last 10-15 days on medium usage.
  • You can expect new functions for smartwatches with upcoming updates.
  • The smartwatch is waterproof to a depth of 50 meters.


  • The smartwatch is missing the SpO2 feature.

Lenovo Carme SmartWatch

Lenovo Carme HW25P

Coming from Lenovo’s reliable home, the Lenovo Carme ** is a stylish and sporty-looking smartwatch that offers a lot at its cost. Although it costs a little over 3000, you might consider paying a little extra for the reliable brand name and exciting features. Lenovo Carme has a 1.3 PS IPS LCD display which produces great clarity even under direct sunlight. With an IP68 water-resistant rating, the Lenovo Carme becomes a great option for spending a little over 3000 it will be the best choice for smartwatch.


  • Full colour IPS display
  • IP68 water resistant
  • Weighs at just 34g
  • Dynamic HR sensor
  • Bluetooth 4.2


  • The Lenovo Carme has a 1.3 PS IPS LCD single touch display that produces remarkably beautiful colors. You get great viewing angles that allow you to easily view time and information. The display is 2.5D curved and reflective which prevents light from being refracted and the text is clear and readable under direct sunlight.
  • The Lenovo Carme has a very sporty rubber strap that feels premium as well as durable. Although the rubber strap can make you sweat a little over time, it feels very sporty and trendy which is a great option for sports enthusiasts. The Lenovo Carme weighs just 34 grams, making it easy to wear during your gym and running sessions.
  • You get a very accurate pedometer with Lenovo Carme which lets you track your steps and you know how active you are throughout the day. The heart-rate monitor on this device is also very accurate and you also get a sleep tracker, which corrects sleep with an error of about 10%. Lenovo Carme has a sports mode that tracks activities like badminton, running, cycling, trekking, swimming etc. Most of the smartwatch tracks in this range do not go swimming, making the Lenovo Carme one of the 3000 best smartwatches.
  • In addition to fitness tracking features, Lenovo Carme can do much more. It helps you know the weather forecast, comes with 4 watch faces, helps you read text messages and other social media notifications, responds to or rejects calls, and helps with your walking and training sessions. Provides a stopwatch for You will not have to remove your phone for all these tasks when it is on Lenovo Carme’s wrist.
  • There is a special vibration feature for the alarm that wakes up in the morning without disturbing your partner. Lenovo Carme helps you find your phone if you lose it using the GPS signal included in the smartwatch. Lenovo Carme has a shake to awaken the screen feature that works decently 8 out of 10 times.
  • Lenovo Carme can be connected to the Lenovo Life app on both Android and iOS and you are ready to track all your fitness needs. It comes with Bluetooth 4.2 which is just as decent as all other smartwatches in this price range.
  • Lenovo Carme comes with a 1-year warranty for manufacturing defects.


  • Lenovo Carme has a 200mAh battery that lasts for about 5 days on a single charge on normal usage. The battery takes about 2 hours to charge, although it is quite average to see other devices in this price range.

Aqfit Smartwatch

AQFIT Full Touch

The Aqfit  smartwatch has a 3.37cm IPS full-color screen display. The Akfit is the only smartwatch on our list that has a full touchscreen display, but it costs a little over 3000, we have placed it at number 2. This watch is also waterproof up to 1.5 meters in water. With heart rate monitor, blood oxygen monitor, multi-sports mode and more. If you increase your budget a little over 3000, then this smartwatch is one of the best you can get.


  • The touch screen display on Aqfit is a 3.37cm IPS full-color screen display that enables you to interact directly with it. The shape of the dial sits comfortably on the user’s wrist.
  • Aqfit Watch offers face customization that allows changing the wallpaper according to your mood and liking.
  • Dynamic heart rate monitoring on Aqfit is very accurate and lets you monitor your heart rate without any problems.
  • Aqfit also has a haemato manometer that helps you monitor your real-time blood pressure which helps you become aware of your health.
  • Real-time blood oxygen monitoring is also present on Aqfit. This helps you decide how good your metabolism is.
  • Aqfit features a multi-sports mode, which counts the number of steps and also the number of calories used.
  • Aqfit also has a sedentary reminder, which asks you to do some physical activity in a prolonged sitting position.
  • You can easily connect Aqfit to your smartphone (both Android and iOS devices are supported). After that, you can see all the notifications on your smartwatch from your phone.
  • Aqfit also has a dedicated app- “Da Fit App” which can be downloaded from both Play Store or Apple App Store. This allows you to control your smartwatch efficiently.
  • The Aqfit smartwatch is also waterproof. It is capable of being up to 30 meters in 1.5 meters deep water. So, if you are into water sports or anything else, this is one of the best smartwatches under 3000.


  • The only disadvantage we got in this watch was that the strap is non-removable.

So the above Smartwatches Are the 2022 best Smartwatches in India. Follow Talk2india for more tech updates

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