[2024] Try These best earbuds under 1000 In India

best earbuds under 1000
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Are you searching for the best earbuds under 1000 in India? Everyone wants to get their hands on the best earbuds, but it cannot be easy to find ones that fit your budget. To make your search faster and easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best earbuds under 1000. When looking for the best earbuds, you’ll want to consider features like sound quality, battery life, Bluetooth range, and comfort. We’ve researched for you and have found some of the best earbuds under 1000.  

List Of  Best Earbuds Under 1000

Best Earbuds Under 1000Price
Boult Audio Truebuds Get Deal
pTron Bassbuds Jade Get Deal
Amazon Basics Bluetooth 5.0 Get Deal
truke buds f1Get Deal
Zebronics’ Zeb-Sound Bomb 1Get Deal
URBN Beat 600Get Deal
Syska Sonic Buds IEB800Get Deal

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1. Boult Audio Truebuds 

The Boult Audio Truebuds are the best wireless earbuds under 1000 and the perfect way to experience the best audio while being comfortable and waterproof. With 30 hours of playback time, this set will keep you entertained all day long. The BoomX™ Tech-Rich Bass ensures that your music will be loud and clear, while the Pro+ Calling HD Mic makes making calls easier. The touch controls in-ear earbuds make it easy to control your music and call.

Boult Audio Truebuds

Special Feature: 

  • The Boult Audio Truebuds come with a 30H playtime
  • They are IPX7 water resistant
  • They have a BoomX™ tech rich bass
  • The touch controls in ear earbuds TWS are grey

2. pTron Bassbuds Jade 

Introducing the pTron Bassbuds! These earbuds have a great sound quality and amazing battery life- perfect for gaming or media playback. The 40ms latency ensures that calls are clear and punchy, while the HD stereo audio ensures immersive listening. And with type-C charging and IPX4 water-resistant protection, these earbuds can take on any activity.

pTron Bassbuds Jade

Special Feature: 

  • pTron Bassbuds are the perfect way to experience the latest gaming and entertainment features. 
  • With 40ms gaming latency and HD stereo calls, these earbuds will keep you entertained for hours. 
  • The fast type-C charging and waterproofing make these earbuds ideal for any activity or adventure. 
  • Get your PTron Bassbuds today! 

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3. Amazon Basics Bluetooth 5.0 

Looking for a great pair of best bluetooth earbuds under 1000 that will last you many hours? Look no further than the AmazonBasics Bluetooth 5.0 truly wireless in-ear earbuds! These earbuds come with an IPX-5-rated design, so they can handle any environment you might encounter. Plus, they come with touch controls and voice assistant support to control the music on your phone! If you’re looking for quality headphones that will allow you to take calls without having to take off your shirt, these are perfect!

With Amazon Basics Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds, you can enjoy a glitch-free playback time of up to 5 hours and 38 hours with charging. The earbuds are also IPX-5 rated so they can handle even the most vigorous use. These earbuds will do the job right whether you’re calling or chatting.

Amazon Basics Bluetooth 5.0 Truly Wireless in Ear Earbuds

Special Feature: 

  • up to 38 hours play time
  • type-c charging case
  • voice assistant
  • optional single side use for phone calls
  • black

4. truke Buds F1

The truke buds f1 best Bluetooth earbuds below 1000 for calling with a mic are the perfect way to enjoy your music without worrying about connecting and disconnecting. The earbuds feature 48H playtime, instant pairing, and exceptional sound with an AAC codec. Their digital display is easy to read and makes it easy to control your music. They also have a 55ms low latency gaming mode, making them perfect for any game or activity that needs quick and clear sound.

truke Buds F1

Special Feature: 

  • The truke Buds F1 Bluetooth 5.3 truly wireless in ear earbuds with mic offer excellent sound quality with AAC codec.
  • They haveInstant Paring and Dual Mic ENC so you can easily share audio and control your music from anywhere.
  • They have a digital display that is easy to read and offers great visibility while gaming.
  • Their 55ms low latency gaming mode is perfect for gaming or any other activity that requires quick response time.

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5. Zebronics’ Zeb-Sound Bomb 1

With Zebronics’ Zeb-Sound Bomb 1 earbuds, you’ll never run out of ideas to add extra noise and excitement to your day. Whether you’re looking for the best bt earbuds under 1000, taking your music listening experience up a notch, or wanting to be more hands-free, these earbuds will do the trick. Plus, BT5.0 technology will keep you connected even when there’s no Wi-Fi available. With touch controls and voice assistant capabilities, it’s easy to get started with this product. Plus, the Splash proof design means that water won’t affect your ears. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this great deal today!

Zebronics Zeb-Sound Bomb 1

Special Feature: 

  • Zebronics Zeb-Sound Bomb 1 TWS Earbuds with BT5.0, Up to 12H Playback, Touch Controls, Voice Assistant, Splash Proof with Type C Portable Charging Case (Black) are perfect for use on any device that supports Bluetooth technology
  • The earbuds provide excellent sound quality and can be used for a variety of activities such as listening to music or talking on the phone
  • The earbuds are splash proof and have touch controls so you can easily control them

6. URBN Beat 600 

The URBN Beat 600 best tws under 1000 are the perfect way to take your music experience to the next level. With True Wireless technology, you’ll never have to worry about lost or stolen earbuds again. The HQ mic ensures that your voice is always crystal clear, and the 20H playtime means you’ll be able to stay entertained for hours on end. The touch controls and voice assistant make it easy to customize your listening experience. Give yourself a truly unique sound with the URBN Beat 600 Bluetooth earbuds!

URBN Beat 600

Special Feature: 

  • True Wireless (TWS) in Earbuds with 13MM Driver
  • HQ Mic – 20H Playtime
  • Type C Fast Charging
  • IPX5 Water Resistant
  • Touch Controls & Voice Assistant (White)

7. Syska Sonic Buds IEB800

Easily pair your Syska Sonic Buds IEB800 True Wireless Earbuds under 1000 make in india earbuds with your favorite music. 30Hr play back time, smooth touch control, and an IPX4 water resistant rating make these earbuds perfect for any activity.

SYSKA Sonic Buds IEB800

Special Feature: 

  • The Syska Sonic Buds IEB800 True Wireless Earbuds with Ultra Sync Technology are made in India and have a 30Hr play back time. .
  • The earbuds are water resistant, making them perfect for any outdoor activity.
  • The smooth touch control makes it easy to use the earbuds.

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Final Thoughts of Best earbuds under 1000

We are sure that you chose the best earbuds under 1000 in India; our above list of the top earbuds can help you make the right choice. We’ve considered factors like sound quality, battery life, Bluetooth range, and comfort so that you can find the perfect pair of earbuds for your budget. If we missed some then comment below and if you like this list then follow talk2india on all social media platform to get updates on latest tech news.

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