Our World won’t be same after covid-19

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Nothing is permanent in this world not even our troubles so the ongoing threat that the world is facing today will be over soon. The covid-19 outbreak is causing considerable human suffering and brought life to a standstill. Different countries are trying to control the suitation by enforcing lockdowns where travel is restricted and business are shut or working from home. At the time of writing, the number of active cases across the world has crossed 2 million and the reported deaths has crossed 1.5 lakh as well. History witness whenever human being had a hard time we came together and won the fight. When this health crisis abates, we will in a new world.

Mother nature is healing herself

By now, most countries have gone into a lockdown. As a result, the roads are free of vehicles and factory stopped releasing smoke. Pollution is decreasing, air quality is improving and the noise pollution has been replaced by chirping of the birds.
The sudden drop in pollution levels across the globe has led to the positive effect on the Ozane layer. Let them heal and let us learn the lesson not hurting our mother Earth.

Healthcare will improve

covid 19 will make people more aware about healthcare. It was noticed that countries that were faced previous virus outbreak like SARS and MERS learnt from their experience and improved their healthcare infrastructure to tackle future epidemics. It is one of the major reason why Taiwan, Singapore and Japan have been able to flatten the curve. Now, countries should learn from such outbreaks and take steps to reform in healthcare sector.


The focus on social distancing has brought technology to the forefront in every aspect of our life. people are more open to adopting e-commerce app that will deliver goods at their doorstep. Similar digital transformation is also using in the education sector. Government has also launched few Applicatons in battle against Covid 19 to keep track infected people and create awareness among people.

Social distancing & Cleanliness

By now we dont have any vaccination,the best way is prevention.  Maintaings social distancing and awareness towards cleanliness will be observed by people for long. By incorporating some cleaning methods into the routine, more viruses can be avoided in the future. This world will finally emerge out of the crisis. The world should learn from this and emerge the from the crisis into a better future.

I understand that it’s hard for everyone, but one cannot give into emotions. we’ll have to draw lesson from the current crisis and we’ll have to work on overcoming it – Boris Yeltsin (first president of Russia)

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