Rise of SUICIDE in India… NCRB Report 2020

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The NCRB report titled “Accidental Deaths and suicide in India 2019″ was released on sept 8 registered an increase in the cases of suicide and accidental deaths. Last year, 139,123 people died by suicide and 421,104 were killed in accidents.

NCRB :- The National crime records Bureau, abbreviated to NCRB is an Indian Government agency responsible for collecting and analysing crime data as defined by the Indian penal code and special local laws.

  • 381 suicide occurred daily in India 2019.
  • According to NCRB, 10,281 farmers committed suicide in 2019, little less from 10,357 in 2018.
  • The figure for daily wages went up to 32,559 from 30,132.
  • The majority of suicide were reported in Maharashtra (18,916) followed by Tamil Nadu(12,665)U
  • Uttar Pardesh, the most populous state, reported comparatively lower percentage share of suicide deaths, amounting for only 3.9 percent of the total suicide in the country.
  • In term of education, 12.6 percent victims of suicide were illiterate, 16.3 percent upto primary level, 19.6 percent upto middle level on 23.3 percent to class level.
  • Only 3.7 percent of total suicide victims were graduates and above, the NCRB data showed.
  • 70.2 percent suicide were committed by the male and 29.8 percent by female.
  • Reason
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What do we need to curb these increasing number?

Human life became a number here. But it is high time to think about this problem like:-

  • Social Awareness
  • Role of NGO and civil society group
  • Acedemic support by collage administration
  • Psychological counselling centres in colleges, workplace, villages family welfare.
  • Leveraging social media groups.

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